The Suns of Anchorhead

The Suns of Anchorhead is an organized speeder club from Tatooine. Based out of Twilight Motors, they run a ligitimate business as a repulsorlift repair shop.

SoA has deep contacts in the Tatooine Underworld, running guns for Jabba the Hutt and providing other gangs from the desert planet with munitions to fuel their ongoing turf wars.

SoA is generally viewed as neutral, or at least above, these petty squables. Where the local Imperial Constabulary is unable or unwilling to help, SoA picks up the slack.




Value Rank Character
Daxion “Repo” Twilight
Jaferin “Slicer” Darklight
Romalaj “Trench” Bordite

A recent interview with Daxion “Repo” Twilight, circulating the local holo-net

Twilight Motors, formerly known as Rattwell’s Repulsorlift Repair, now owned and operated by Daxion “Repo” Twilight and his business partners, is a small shop and compound just outside Anchorhead in the Dune Sea.

It is well known to the local citizenry that Mr. Twilight, or Repo, as his friends call him, is the current head of the repulsorbike club Suns of Anchorhead. Some residents of the area call the Suns nothing more than just another swoop gang, though this description doesn’t sit well with Mr. Twilight as he expressed in a recent rare interview with this reporter.

“That’s ridiculous,” he guffaws, “do I look like a seventeen year old punk to you?”

Admittedly, sitting in the dusty sand strewn offices at T.M. with Mr Twilight, dressed in clothing more befitting a board room attendee than a local desert dwelling shop owner, the image before this reporter certainly doesn’t fit with the swoop gang stereotype.

“Don’t get me wrong,” he continued “we are a club founded on the principles of anarchism, we don’t tend to believe in the same structure the Imperials, or even the old Republic, like to try to impose. But the fact is that we’re law abiding citizens and pay our taxes like everyone else. Another fact is SARLAC (Suns of Anchorhead Repulsor-Lift Anarchist Club) is just a social club, we perform community service and outreach. Why, we’ve even assisted local law enforcement when called upon.”

Mr. Twilight is undoubtedly referring to a recent event, that is still talked about in the local taverns of the area, in which a nomadic Tusken Raider tribe set up a compound just outside of Anchorhead proper. When regional support could not be mounted by Constable Bricht, of the local Imperial Constabulary, the Suns rode out to the encampment and “persuaded” the Sandpeople to relocate. The details of the story change depending on the teller, and the Suns themselves don’t talk about the encounter under the rationalization of modesty. But the rumors of advanced weaponry being used to help “persuade” the Tusken Raiders to move, and the number of tribes people killed in the process, remains open to loud debate over drinks at ‘The Slaughtered Dewback’, a local establishment similar to most such places on Tatooine as suspected of being a place where many a nefarious deal has been struck by those looking to do ill, and those looking to pay to have it done.

Mr. Twilight goes on, “Also, how many swoop gangs do you know have an annual toy drive for the local slave kids, or a Boonta-Eve sand-crab feed for those less fortunate in our community. Contrary to popular perception, anarchy doesn’t mean we don’t care about our community, it simply means we prefer to govern ourselves.”

SARLAC’s community endeavors have indeed gone a long way to propping up the image of a beneficent entity in the harsh environs of the Dune Sea, but there are those who state it’s all a sham to try and hide the ugly underside of the Bantha, which is the true reality of the Suns. Claims of illegal weapons modification and trade, prostitution, slave trade, spice and stim trafficking, extortion, are all put at the feat of the Suns.

Mr. Twilight simply smiles at such accusations, “That’s simply ignorant, rural, people spinning yarns to make their lives more interesting and exciting over a few tankards of brew. Face it, what’s more exciting to live next door to, a seedy criminal organization shrouded in mystery and danger, or a law abiding group interested in helping out where and when they can?”

Assurances to the contrary aside, since the Suns formed years ago more than one of their members have been caught engaging in illegal activities throughout Tatooine.
“Wayward members that fell in with some unsavory types, and in one case just the acts of a desperate individual trying to provide for himself and his family. SARLAC doesn’t condone that stuff, and those members are no longer with us.”

So, Dear Readers, I leave it to you; misunderstood benefactors or misleading hardened outlaws?

One thing is for sure, everyone in and around Anchorhead has an opinion of the Suns, and so far they’re enjoying the ride!

- Lufa Parm, Mos Eisley Gazette

The Suns of Anchorhead

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