Imperial Constabulary

Due to the renowned lawlessness of the world, the Empire extended its reach into Tatooine to a greater extent than it tended to do with other worlds. The planetary Governor, Tour Aryon, tapped the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations to take over localized law enforcement.

Governor Aryon recruited heavily from the existing police organizations, where appropriate. The Anchorhead Imperial Constabulary was converted from the previous organization. The offices razed and replaced a with standard-issue Imperial pre-fab building.

Commanded by Captain Salun Bricht (Chief Superintendent), the A.I.C. has a small compliment of Imperial Army soldiers to act as police officers. A smaller compliment of Stormtroopers is also at Bricht’s disposal.


Insignia Army Rank Staff
Captain Chief Superintendent Salun Bricht
Lieutenant Superintendent Brit Hayle
2nd Lieutenant Chief Inspector Axyl Janhammer
Warrant Officer I Inspector Trabbin Khack
Warrant Officer II Sergeant Foley Tybbs

Imperial Constabulary

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