Suns of Anchorhead

Episode I
Paying the Price

A long time ago In a galaxy far, far away…



If there’s a bright center of the Universe, TATOOINE is the farthest thing from it. Ruled over for centuries by the Hutt Lords of Nar Shadda, the desert wasteland serves as a sanctuary to the kind of scum and villainy no longer welcome in the Core Worlds.

Beneath the already tarnished veneer of the planet lies the underworld of the SWOOP GANGS, a collection of the most violent and criminal beings on the planet, vying for territory and control of Tatooine’s black market.

The most influential of these groups are the SUNS OF ANCHORHEAD, who are presently returning to their clubhouse outside of Anchorhead, escorting a load of black market weaponry obtained from the crimelord, JABBA THE HUTT….

SoA must deal with a rival gang destroying their warehouse.


  • Who:
    The Krayt Draggers
  • What:
    A small-time swoop club trying to muscle in on SoA’s territory
  • Motivation:
    SoA has been selling blasters to the Rancors SC




Scene 1: Trouble with Transport

The players are on their way back to TM from Jabba’s Palace. All PCs make a Easy () Piloting (Planetary) check to determine position.

After they enter the canyons, the group is attacked by Tusken Raider snipers from Medium () Range. If no one is hit in the initial attack and the group attempts to flee, the Sandpeople will fire on the group’s truck to disable it.

The group suffers due to low-light conditions and lower-ground.

The Sandpeople gain due to having Higher Ground.

(The setbacks and bonuses may be removed if the group is having difficulty with the encounter).

Cover among the rocks is available.

GM Note:

The party successfully avoided this encounter for the most part. Using logic, the random position of the bikes was abandoned and a standardized flight pattern was established. When a bullet bounced off the hood of the truck, Trench and Repo made for the top of the canyon, ordering Slicer, Maxhar, and Ry’lee to continue through to TM. Yes. The very first thing the group does is split the party.

After Trench had some difficulty getting up the canyon wall, Slicer reported that the convoy had passed the mouth of the canyon and Repo and Trench high-tailed it out of there to meet up with the rest of the crew.

Scene 2: Recoup

Once the players have taken care of the Tusken Raider party they may return to Twilight Motors without incident.

After securing their cargo and taking care of any local business they wish (healing, repairs, etc), the shop receives a call from the local Imperial Constabulary.

Chief Superintendent Bricht’s voice booms over the comm. " I’m at a cave about fifteen clicks Northeast of TM… It’s safe to assume this is yours?", he bellows. “Well, you’d better get out here! The whole place has gone to Hell”!

The cave Bricht mentions is a warehouse that SoA has used to store their surplus of weaponry before delivery. Aside from the small shipment they just brought back from Jabba, the warehouse represents the entirety of SoA’s wealth.

GM Note:

…with the exception of the 50,000cr worth of black market weaponry I put in the truck at the top of the adventure. Noted that the contents of the cave were also worth 50k.

Scene 3: Now What?

You speed across the sand and come around the base of the mountain on your right to see the distant plume of rising black smoke coming from what should be the Suns’ warehouse. As you approach, you see an all-too familiar drop down into a canyon.

The players can take the long way around to where the drop levels off or choose to go over the edge requiring a Hard () Piloting (Planetary) check. For each generated, the characters speeder bike loses 1 Strain.

GM Note:

SARLAC opted for the long way around, less to avoid the terrain, and more to look for suspects/clues.

As they approach the warehouse, it becomes obvious that the hidden storage is a lost cause. C.I. Bricht and his men are guarding the local fire brigade as they attempt to quell the flame. The sound of munitions exploding can still be heard coming from within the cavern.

Bricht will let the characters know that one of his men were patrolling the area when they noticed the smoke. Players are free to question the officer, but he doesn’t know much.

“I saw the smoke and headed over, as soon as I saw how far back it was I called it in. Whew… It’s quieted a lot now, but when I first got here it sounded like a full-scale war was going on!”

Bricht explains that he’ll do his best to keep the Club’s involvement out of the incident, but that Superintendent Hayle is really gunning for SARLAC, and there’s only so much he can do to cover it up.

The characters can get close enough to investigate the scene. Anyone doing so should make a Hard () Perception check to find clues as to who destroyed their warehouse.

GM Note:

For some damned reason I stated at the top of the adventure that the convoy was moving just before First Dawn, so the glow rod idea (and everything else based on happening “at night” was right out the window).

The warehouse itself is still too hot to enter, not that the Imperial team would allow it anyway.

Perception Check Result
Character finds what remains of a detonite explosives device.
Character finds a boot print that doesn’t match any of the Imperials
Character finds scrap of Bantha hide common to swoop gang cuts
or Character finds part of a patch with bright yellow stitching

GM Note:

They found everything but the bantha hide.

Scene 4: Investigation

The characters need to go into Anchorhead to figure out who blew up the warehouse. If they return to TM, the book keeping droid, CHK-27, will suggest they start at The Slaughtered Dewback.

The Slaughtered Dewback
The bar is near capacity as the night wears on. Even so, it only takes an Easy () Streetwise check to locate Nevar Yalnal, a Ranat, the local mud-scum that seems to overheard everything.

Nevar doesn’t know who blew up the warehouse, but he’s noticed increased gang activity in Anchorhead lately. The rivalry between the Rancors and the Krayt Draggers has been heating up. So far it’s been kept to the outskirts of town, but both groups are getting more and more bold.

GM Note:

This went pretty much as planned, except the place was dead since it was (cough) daytime (cough cough)… And of course, they split the party again.

When the group arrives, Waleo Myun is closing up her shop. She hasn’t heard anything specific, but does mention that the Krayt Draggers just promoted two prospects to full members. She supplied the center patches for the group’s cuts.

If the players found the boot print, it does match a brand that Waleo carries. Both the Rancors and the Krayt Draggers favor this particular footwear, however.

GM Note:

Waleo wasn’t closing up anything – it was daytime. Stitches provided the most entertainment for the day as it turns out that Maxhar is an… affectionate fish. Assuming Waleo would be reticent to provide information, Maxhar decided he was going to seduce the gran. And he tried. We laughed our fool heads off at his antics.

She passed along her information though – The Krayt Draggers got new patches recently.

Down the Barrel
Ch’Ching, who runs the local sporting goods shop, doesn’t sell the kind of equipment that was used to blow up the warehouse. He does have some knowledge about that sort of thing, however, and will note that the kind of detonite device used is commonly used by miners in the mountains West of Bestine.

GM Note:

SARLAC never set foot in Down the Barrel, but they heard the verpine’s name, and that was enough for me.

Imperial Constabulary Office
Assuming enough time has passed, C.I. Bricht will be available to talk to the characters if they choose to visit the Constabulary. His men have found no further evidence from the warehouse site.

Bricht will confirm Nevar’s rumor that things have been heating up between the Rancors and the Krayt Draggers.

Before the party leaves, they are interrupted by an Imperial officer.

“Hey Boss”, the younger officer says to Bricht. “Call just came in from The Keg & Magnum… Looks like a bunch of hoodlums didn’t want to pay for their ale.”

Bricht invites the group to tag along as it sounds like something right up their alley.

If the characters don’t visit the Constabulary office, Bricht will call them to let them know about The Keg and Magnum.

GM Note:

They never set foot in the Constabulary office, but Bricht called Repo while they were at The Dewback. Repo called Ry’lee and Maxhar to meet them at the Keg and Magnum.

The Keg and Magnum
When the characters arrive at the liquor store, the Besalisk proprietor, Raen Dacha is busy cleaning up broken glass from the shop’s front window that had been recently destroyed.

Inside, shelves have been toppled and dozens of bottles of various liquors have been smashed on the floor.

Upon seeing the group, Raen burst into a rage.

“You!” Raen screams. “You golshak bikers did this! Come in here screaming and yelling, bustin’ up my shop! Why don’t you go back to whatever hole you crawled out of?”

It will take an Hard() Charm or Negotiation check (Raen’s Willpower) to calm the Besalisk down. Once lucid, Raen will verify that the gang that busted up his store weren’t wearing the same cut as the Suns, but rather the culprit’s cut featured a green Krayt dragon head over twin yellow suns.

Raen will accept the group’s assistance in cleaning up the shop, if they offer it. They can even call in other members (NPCs) to assist.

GM Note:

No one succeeded in their Charm or Negotiation, but there were plenty to do the job. The group called in a couple of prospects to help Raen clean up. He verified that the gang that messed up his place were the Krayt Draggers (by describing their cuts).

Tosche Station
The group finds Fixer, his girlfriend Camie Marstrap, and Tank are hanging out at Tosche Station tinkering with Fixer’s landspeeder.

Fixer confirms that a bunch of Krayt Draggers, including the club’s President, Kav Lepkin, had come by to refuel before heading out into the wastes. They had a couple of new guys with them. No one heard anything about the warehouse explosion, but the group seemed to be celebrating.

GM Note:

Amazingly enough, this went as planned.

Scene 5: Showdown

Now certain the Krayt Draggers are to blame for blowing up SoA’s warehouse, the group races off to the gang’s clubhouse North of Anchorhead.

Approaching quietly on their bikes without alerting the Krayt Draggers to their presence requires an Average () Piloting (Planetary) check.

As you approach the Draggers are in full revelry. Recorded music blares across the dunes and light spills across the sand from both powered and natural torches. The Krayt Draggers’ clubhouse is comprised of canvas and hide pavillions jutting out of caves carved out of the rock wall.

If the Suns succeed in sneaking up on the encampment and attack outright, each player may add to their Action in the first round to account for surprise.

If alerted to their presence, the music will stop while the Draggers shout both at the party and calling to Kav Lepkin.

The Krayt Draggers will not attack unless pressed. They are very much aware of SoA’s reputation. The group will follow Lepkin’s lead on this.

Lepkin will deny they had anything to do with the warehouse explosion at first, trying to blame their rivals, the Rancors. After being presented with mounting evidence Lepkin will accuse the group of bringing this upon themselves for selling blasters to the Rancors.

GM Note:

This kind of happened.

Lepkin will draw his blaster on the group, quickly joined by six Krayt Draggers (2 minion groups of 3). The rest of the gang members mount their bikes and try to escape, North.

Lepkin’s firing on the group is intended to buy him time so he can reach his own bike and escape into the black night of the Dune Sea.

GM Note:

The entire session I pretty much forgot how combat works – Kav should’ve been using his maneuvers to run to his bike. He stood fast for some reason. Damned characters doing whatever they damned feel like.

All combatants suffer due to low visibility at night.

GM Note:

Yeah… Night… Right.

Once the gang members are dispatched, searching the encampment (An Easy () Perception check) will reveal a single crate of BlasTech blaster carbines, cr800 in cash, and the remains of a detonite explosives kit made for mining.

GM Note:

I managed to miss this… Also didn’t think that SARLAC would grab the seven (!) bikes left behind by the dead bikers. Well… there you go.

If SoA gives chase to the escaping Krayt Draggers, they are unable to trail them in the night.

GM Note:

They didn’t chase after them, and they had a much better thought process than “it’s dark” for not doing so.


Back at Twilight Motors, the group can heal up, repair their bikes, relax, and split up any cash they found.

Taggart Wren, a patched member of SARLAC, approaches Dax (and the rest of the gang) and explains that he was hiding a Twi’lek woman in the warehouse, and there won’t be any trouble finding his DNA on her body once it’s found…

GM Note:

SARLAC is pissed.


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